Boulevardz client Kenny Glory Case Study: From a Blank Canvas to an Artist One Page Website Responsive Solution


Website Address:

Project Date: December 2020

Project Type

Construct and launch website. In need of one page website artist solution.

The Request

An abstract and urban design in which fans can learn about new music, upcoming shows, merchandise and ambassador programs. Preferred colors of black, white, navy and blue. 

The Solution

A new one page website layout and design was hand-crafted on our one page website service Boulevardz with 1 revision. Links to all available streaming platforms where the artist’s music is available was created as well as a showcase to current and all previous albums. Color palettes of black, white, navy and blue were chosen. The artist’s website will be updated with all upcoming shows, merchandise and ambassador programs as they are made available. 

About the Client

Kenny Glory is an independent rapper, songwriter and live performing artist. He intends to share his talent in music with the world, help others achieve their purpose on earth and spread the fragrance of God’s love everywhere. We are excited to work with Kenny Glory.

The Architecture

The architecture was built with a request of an urban but abstract bone structure and a color palette of black, white, navy and blue. The website construction and design was coordinated with the client on our one page website service Boulevardz. There was 1 revision. The client was able to see continuous construction of the project at their convenience as it was built. We presented a system in which fans could access all platforms available for new music with opportunity to seamlessly grow that was embraced by the client.

The Results

A central, responsive and digital space connecting the client and its fans to its artistry. Per audit the title, headings and description are crawlable and located through the web. The description and title are at perfect length. The sitemap.xml is located and the robots.txt are well configured. No malware detected. Site is not blacklisted.


“Professionalism! Wow that’s lit…thank you so much” ~Kenny Glory~

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