Author: T Gregory

Simple Things Business Owners Can Do to Help Their Digital Marketing Team

In today’s internet-connected climate, digital marketing is an absolutely essential part of running a business. However, communication is also an essential part of business, and communicating with your digital marketing team is necessary if you want to create a successful online presence. Here are some ways to connect with your digital marketing team to work toward further success.

Prepare Information

When you hire or put together a marketing team, you trust that these people have the skills needed to get the job done. But it’s important to remember that, while the team is made up of experts in marketing, they may not be experts in your industry. In order to help your digital marketing team develop quality content, give them information about your industry as a whole (and not just about your company). Be sure that the team knows you are willing to answer questions they have as they generate content.

Encourage Communication Between Sales and Marketing Teams

In just about every case, communication will help your business. And one of the most important points of communication is the one between your sales and marketing teams. By encouraging regular communication between the two, you can support your business’s success. For instance, after your marketing team launches a campaign, your sales team can get in touch with recent sales data. From here, the marketing team can adjust their strategy if needed.

Offer Motivation Through Appreciation

In many cases, people who feel appreciated work harder. And for a hardworking marketing team, it can mean a lot to know their efforts are seen and appreciated. Appreciating your marketing team doesn’t have to involve a large amount of time or money, it can be as simple as saying thank you, offering a gift card incentive, or taking the team out for drinks once a goal has been reached. One thing to be aware of is that you should start off small. If you suddenly start offering major rewards, it may make your team suspicious. Start by thanking individuals or groups and give small incentives, and then build from there.

Be Set Up on Google

Google is one of the most major sites on the internet. And for any serious marketing effort, getting a business listing set up on Google is one of the first steps. A Google business listing is not only free, but it also offers you opportunities to connect with customers through both search and map functions. This is a step you can initiate even before hiring a marketing team you can set up a Google My Business account and add location, hours, and business name. This account will then provide you and your marketing team with valuable information. You will be able to monitor Google reviews and also see search data on how most customers are searching for and finding your business online. Google review links are easy to make and should be listed in numerous places.

Help Create Structure

If your digital marketing team is through an independent agency, the team likely already has some structure built-in. But if you’re like many small business owners who opt to build an in-house team, structure is essential. If you are structuring your own team, make sure you include people who specialize in content creation/SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, search advertisements, and mobile marketing. By creating clearly defined roles, you’ll be able to save the team you assemble a lot of time. You’ll also ensure that different aspects of digital marketing are covered equally.

Offer Information About Your Brand Voice

It’s important to remember, especially if you have hired a team from an external agency, that the team is coming in with little information about your business itself. If you have an existing brand voice that you want to maintain, or even if you have more general ideas about the kind of brand voice you want to cultivate, be prepared to collaborate with your team early on. By offering guidance when it comes to brand voice, you’ll save the team some time while also taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Few things are more frustrating for a digital marketing team than being given very general instructions, only to have the business come back and harshly criticize their efforts. Early talks and collaboration will ensure you and the team are on the same page. In conclusion, your digital marketing team is likely to be one of your business’s greatest assets, especially if you’re very early on in your marketing campaign. However, like most aspects of business, marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

By collaborating with and offering assistance to your team when you can, you will save everyone time and effort. You’ll also make it more likely that your digital marketing content matches your brand voice and ethos. By working with your marketing team, you’ll be well on your way to drawing more customers.

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